Thursday, December 3, 2009


Of all the blasted things on Ed's 'Dear Santa' list, we sure don't recall the 'Swine Flu' being one of 'em!

Nonetheless, it arrived just the same and didn't even have the courtesy of being wrapped nicely with a bow on top.

It was more like a bag of dog poo set on fire and left on our front stoop.

Or a stocking full of coal.


Like children looking for Santa and his sleigh in the sky, we had been on the look out for those 'Swine Flu' symptoms we kept hearing about prior to Ed's passing out in our bathroom Tuesday night: "dry, persistent cough, fever, etc." but Ed has had none of those.

So, when he started feeling 'weird' a few weeks back, I, of course, immediately thought; 'Swine Flu' but then dismissed it because he wasn't coughing nor was he feverish.

He was just feeling particularly run down and pure, plain exhausted which we just attributed to the stressful year we've had--and him burning the candle at both ends.

However, his extreme 'tiredness'--coupled with tummy issues and being cold all the time--wasn't going away.

Then, came Tuesday nights big scare (see my previous post).

So, yesterday I took him (more like hog-tied and FORCED) to the doctor. Ed described to the doctor how he's been feeling and we told him of the passing out incident.

He told us that Ed has the tail end of the 'Swine Flu' and that it's not just about coughing and fevers. The tiredness, nausea--it all plays a role in this flu season.

But why did he pass out?

It turns out, with the 'Swine Flu', you have to watch your sugar intake. Ed had a hypo-glycemic (sp.?) reaction and, coupled with the 'Swine Flu', it made it's way through his urinary tract which explains why he passed out while using the bathroom.

Earlier that night, right before bedtime, Ed ate two bowls of cornflakes smothered in sugar.

Combine that with all the Danishes and donuts (not to mention Ed likes a little coffee with his cream and sugar) put out at his work every day and he was on sugar overload that didn't sit well with the virus he already had, unbeknownst to us.

Ed is not diabetic, it's just that the sugar intake combined with this flu combusted!

Nothing was prescribed except bed rest and taking it easy for the next few days since he's at the tail end of it.

So, these are just a few things to keep in mind and look out for.

By the way, the boys have been very helpful, understanding and supportive after my talk with them yesterday about setting new boundaries--they even cleaned our backyard for us!

I'll be back in a few days, possibly not before Monday, though, when Ed goes back to work.

I have my hands full here but he's napping now so I wanted to share a quick update.

I'm anxious to step outside of my world for a bit in a few days to see what's been going on everyone else's.

Until then, stay well this season, all--and thank you so very much for your well wishes and supportive comments in regards to Ed.

I deeply appreciate them!

Peace, love and happiness,

::There is an edit to this post in my comment section brought on by a very good inquiry by a reader::


  1. Hope Ed feels better soon. H1N1 is awful. My best friend had it. She couldn't leave her bedroom for 7 days and it broke her heart every time her baby girl was knocking on the door wanting her.

    Keep safe, try not to stress about all the the other issues. Stress is the worst for getting sick.

  2. I hope he feels better soon....scary, he has hads it for awhile....,I will continue to keep you all in my prayer my friend

    much love

  3. hypo glycemic means he didn't have enough sugar or really he had not enough inside the blood cell.
    Usually high fevers will cause this since he doesn't have a history of diabetes. I am puzzled about why your doctor told you this.

  4. Praying for both you and Ed.
    I am soooooo sorry you are dealing with this right now. Take care!

  5. Thank you, my dear friends, for all your thoughts and prayers for Ed. So very much deeply felt and appreciated. He is still feeling quite tired but I've been feeding him healthy (low salt and sugar) and keeping an eye on him, making sure he rests.

    Charlotte Ann, I appreciate you pointing out what I neglected to: Ed's body didn't react well to all his recent sugar intake combined with the 'Swine Flu' virus, and, so, when he urinated, all the sugar then rushed out causing his blood sugar to dramatically drop, thus having a hypo-glycemic reaction which resulted in his fainting.

    Thank you inquiring and making me explain myself better. :)

  6. I think that I have the swine flu right now. It's really unfun.

  7. Hope your hubby is doing better and no one else has become sick.

    You have a blog award on arise 2 write.

  8. I'm reading from home and can comment! :) Hope Ed is feeling better! Hugs! :)