Sunday, December 6, 2009


Allen ('Allen's Adventures') bestowed upon me 'The Prrrrrrfect Blog Award'.

Much thanks, Allen!

This is an award he made and created himself out of appreciation for the blog awards he's received--so, he wanted to give back and create something of his own.

Well done, Allen, and much appreciated.

I thought, since I passed out blog awards yesterday, that I would let whomever chooses to pick up the award (again, located towards the bottom of my sidebar) do so and pass it long to whomever you feel worthy.

It's a nice way to make someones day--it sure made mine!

*Please see yesterdays post for those to whom I gave an award if you haven't yet picked it up. :)

In other news, we have a busy day ahead of us: we're going to my mother-in-laws for a pre-Christmas celebration. She does Christmas BIG and because she'll be traveling over the holidays (she's going on a Caribbean cruise), she's hosting this 'Fish and Goose Soiree' for us. Just going to be Ed and I, B, 'J' and his wife and two of our 'other kids, 'N' and the infamous 'V'. :D

We are only very recently reunited with my mother-in-law (for a few months now) after about a 15 year separation due to familial conflicts (longgg, drawn out story).

She, regrettably, missed all of B's and our daughter's childhood: graduations, birthdays, holidays, high school games, little league, recitals--everything.

She seems to have gotten help with a therapist, and we saw no reason to hold onto old grudges.

I admit, it's a little awkward still but there is a noticeable difference in her now, as there is in me (five or ten years ago I would have told her to go fly a kite and get lost while doing it!) and so it's time to apply that old adage of 'forgive and forget'--Christmas is a good time for that.

However, it's not all back to the way it was: Ed is an only child but his biological Mom (as we call the lady we're seeing today--because Ed has a lovely, wonderful step-Mom--who he calls 'Mom'--whom we adore and feel much loyalty to for taking such good care of Ed's Dad--who is still not well and likely never will be) has siblings who gave Ed's lots of cousins. He grew up with them like siblings and when we all had our falling out fifteen years ago--they dropped us like hot potatoes. Every one of them.

This was a hard pill for Ed to swallow and so a reconciliation with us and them is still highly unlikely. They haven't pursued it and we won't either.

She had her celebration with them last night. Still separate--as I imagine it always will be. Sad but we prefer it that way, truthfully.

I'm bringing her a Christmas gift: I went to 'Pier 1 Imports' and got her a lovely Bohemian type sequined hummingbird ornament (it's the colorful one on the right):

...and picture holders (about $14.00 for both gifts--not bad. Not great but not too bad)

Sort of like this--just a different design, a little more plain but still nice:

I am also bringing her a small bag full of pictures of the kids over the years since she missed so much.

After our thing today with her, we are later going to dinner to celebrate J's 24th birthday at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We have a coupon for Ed and B to use and I will likely just have a salad and chips & salsa.

Gonna try and make it back early so Ed can get rested up and get to bed early--it's back to work for him tomorrow.

He's no longer feeling nauseous and although he is still quite tired, he is feeling better. I talked to the doctor on Friday and he said that Ed is indeed going to feel tired for a while--it takes a lot to bounce back from this thing--and he actually had the mild strain.

I think I've decided not to spend money on a Christmas tree this year, sadly. We have a lot of catching up to do financially (and a fake tree is out of the question--I'd rather have none). As much as I love Christmas and Christmas trees, it just seems like $40.00 is something I can spend on gifts rather than a tree. Makes me quite sad but practicality has to be forefront.

So, I'm wishing you all a beautiful day--hoping to come back tomorrow when things get back to normal here so I can go and read up on y'all.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday and the season.

Peace, love and happiness,


  1. Praying for you. Family junk is not easy. I know, firsthand and understand the apprehension. I pray your day will be blessed and full of love...NO Junk!

  2. I pray for you and your family, I truly believe you are such a sweet hearted lady, your time is just around the corner....things are about to turn around, I just know it;)

    congrats on your award, and thanx again for mine yesterday, I posted about you on both my blogs no excuse and my ya;)

  3. Jo, I am glad to see that you like your award, and I appreciate the compliment on my image that I created.

    I too am an only child, I was used to being spoiled. Until my mom passed away. My father re-married to a member of his church and now I have a step-brother and step-sister. I am not spoiled any more. Its more like I am the black sheep of the family now. It was a hard pill to swallow. I moved to this state for a couple of reasons, one to be where its warmer and two to be close to my father, but even though I am closer to him, I did not received an invite to the Thanksgiving dinner. I was taken back just a bit.

    Christmas trees can be made out of anything. You can make them out of sticks if you really choose. I did that one year and it was cool. One year I made one outside that was 10' tall.

    Have a great day Jo!

  4. Hello! I found your blog thanks to Herrad. I'm glad I did.

    I don't have room for a tree. This year what I am doing is taking some special Christmas ornaments and putting them in a clear glass bowl on the table. That way I can enjoy the ornaments and not fork out money for a tree I don't have room for.

    Merry Christmas! =)

  5. Thank you, Andrea and Steven, for your well wishes--as always, your support lifts me up.

    Ed is home again today (Monday, 12/7/09)--still not feeling well, plus it's storming hard here, so, he decided not to chance it and stay put.

    He does need to get up and move around a little bit today or he's never going to get back to normal.

    He's trying to build a fire right now and is huffing, puffing and whining--I'm ready to smack him, dump in a hole and pull the hole in on top of him! :D

    How's that for a loving wife? Ha!

    Truthfully, we likely overdid it yesterday at Ed's biological Mom's--we were there twice as long than what we anticipated as she had none of the food ready nor prepared: we were there two hours before anything was served. She KNEW he wasn't feeling well so I am a bit miffed and baffled by this but, otherwise, we had an okay time and she appreciated the pictures of the kids.

    Allen, I love your idea of a homemade tree: I'll have to try and get my creative juices flowing and see if I can come up with something! Nice suggestion!

    Hi, 'Have Myelin?'. A Warm welcome to you. I'll make a point to stop by when my life returns to normal--hopefully in a day or two....

    Much love and thanks to you all!

  6. Jo, congratulations on your award! I'm very happy for you.

    Hang in there. Things will shape up, because you are doing what needs to be done to get yourself there. Sending good thoughts your way!