Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's so easy to throw that phrase around; 'Merry Christmas'. Some people resort to the political correctness of 'Happy Holidays' instead. I prefer the former but have been guilty of using the latter in unsure circumstances.

But when I say it--whatever 'it' may be--I mean it.

It's a rare time of year that brings about either the best or worst in all of us. Sometimes they coincide hand-in-hand.

Four letter word alert:

For example: last night I made a steak dinner (courtesy of a gift in the form of 'Omaha Steaks' from a vendor) for Ed, B and some of 'our kids' and their spouses in my very small 'room-for only one' kitchen, I had to finally say (after several warnings, mind you); "I love you all but get the fuck out of my kitchen!"

It was ridiculous--I'm trying to get those last minute touches done so I can get the food set out on the counter (where everyone serves themselves buffet style): slicing the garlic bread and putting it in a bowl, mashing the potatoes, seasoning the sliced tomatoes, getting the plates and forks out, etc.

I turn around and I have three people behind me--as far as I see it, they gave me no choice but to yell.

And no, I did not apologize. They can all see the space of my apartment sized kitchen and that I'm scrambling to get the food finished so not only that they can eat, but so I can sit down (after being on my feet since 5:00 a.m. baking, cooking, cleaning, etc.).

Not my finest hour.

However, once the food was indeed out--I could breathe, look around my home and see all my lit tart burners, my Christmas tree, the fire pit in the back yard with chairs around it (and a nice fire going) and everyone eating and enjoying their dinner.

See? The best and the worst.

Simply simplified:

I am not prepared to deal with a stressful holiday after the year we've had--period.

Last nights dinner was easy and plenty: steak (cooked in the oven for about 20 minutes with B's homemade marinade), 'Yukon Gold' mashed potatoes (don't need to peel them), easy homemade gravy, garlic bread and sliced tomatoes.

Dessert was an assortment of homemade goodies that I had baked early in the morning.

B went to the store for me for a few of the items I needed and even vacuumed for me.
Just a little straightening up on my part, a quick scrub of the toilets and sinks and I was done hours before anyone was expected.

I even managed to avoid the mall this season and got what little shopping I had to do done in just a few hours last Sunday--this was the season of gift cards, mostly to our local movie theater (plus, I got a few good deals on-line). I had a list of whom gets what, what I can afford to spend and I did not deviate from that.

Sales people hate me.

Just took a little prioritizing and planning.

And today, Christmas Eve, I have very little to do and can just relax with Ed and watch a few Christmas movies (B's at his 'sorta kinda girlfriends' house and will be home tonight).

Tonight we have church--which we normally don't attend but 'J', our 'oldest son' and his sister are singing together (she lives out of state and is just visiting for Christmas) and they asked us to attend. Afterwards we'll all likely come back here and sit around the fire pit snorting crack.

Just making sure you're paying attention.

Tomorrow we go to my in-laws with my Mom (after our morning gift opening here with Ed, B, my Mom and myself and a breakfast of homemade vegan pumpkin waffles).

It shouldn't be any other way for us at this stage in our lives with no little ones anymore or grandchildren yet.

So, whatever your religious preferences....

Whatever your financial situations....

And whatever your familial situation....

I wish for you all a peace filled, stress free and joyous Christmas.

Much love, happiness, peace and health,

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese's Christmas mantle--I thought it was lovely and different.


  1. My dear friend Jo...I have so many christmas wishes for you and yours....I just want you to have a time of peace, to be able to breath and not stress...a nite of calm

    I love you my friend, I pray for you daily

    peace and love;)

  2. Jo, thank you so much for saying that all, its really heart warming. Merry Christmas dear pal. I wish all your problems just vanish in New Year

  3. Get the F out of my kitchen! I LOVE IT!

  4. Jo,
    Thank you for being brave enought to surf over to my blog from Steven A's & for the lovely & thoughtful (& verbose) comment you left. Indeed, we seem to have a great deal in common, including dire ecomomic hardship in 2009. We need to have a talk...
    in the mean time, my best to you & your family. I will be back.

  5. Can I come for leftovers since I'm a day late, a dollar late but Merry Christmas, ya know?