Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jo's Christmas Gaffe

I've heard of a Christmas goose but this is ridiculous!

I haven't done much Christmas shopping even though we had an extra $500.00 on Ed's pay last payday (with the garnishment now stopped)--I paid rent, paid some bills and spent a little more on food than I normally do so Ed especially could eat better (i.e. healthier) after his 'Swine Flu' related hypo-glycemic passing out incident.

Although I'm still being frugal, I have ordered a few things on-line this week for Ed and B (I found a good price on a few items that I couldn't find in stores) in order to ensure a Christmas arrival.

So, last night after B left to go to his sorta girlfriends house for the night, I got on-line to order him something that his friend, 'V', said he really wanted.

It was reasonably priced and I thought I had better order it NOW. B has a fashion sense all his own, combining trendy skinny jeans with pea coats (ala 'Boondock Saints'), a beanie and bare feet. He has shoes, of course, he just doesn't like to wear them. Being 6'2, about 250 with long hair, a goatee, piercings and tattoos, he looks like someone you'd want to cross the street when approaching--ha! Alas, he's a sweetheart--well, most of the time. He is 19 after all which makes me stupid, naturally.

Parents of young adults totally get what I mean.

B a few summers ago--one of the last pictures of him wearing shoes--ha!

But I digress.

Okay, we all know I'm not computer savvy, by my own admission.

I've ordered items here and there on-line before with no problem. They always arrive at the price I paid. End of story--happy ending for all.

So, I go to order this item for B last night and I'm doing great--no problem navigating the site until I get to 'shipping preferences'--then it all went kablooky!

All of a sudden I see I'm being charged $25.46 for shipping.

I didn't click 'Submit Order'--instead I went to the previous page to try and correct it.

I then ended up being charged another $2.00!

That now leaves me with $40.00 in the bank.

So, all in all my order totaled $56.46 for one piece of clothing item (that was under $30.00).

From there it all went black.

I woke up this morning to call the company, which is in New York, and only got answering machines. After leaving not one but two panicky voice mails ("I need someone--ANYONE--from your company to call me back as soon possible--I am VERY upset...!!!!") my call was returned.

He said it was a problem on their end after a recent overhaul of their website and that the person who did it 'screwed up'.

Ya think?

He then said the $27.46 in shipping costs was being reversed but that it would take 24 to 48 hours to show back up in my bank.

I will now be charged $9.00 and some change for the regular shipping price (Yikes!) which means I now have about $30.00 in the bank 'til this gets reversed and put back in my account.

And for my trouble? No apology nor a guarantee for a before Christmas delivery.

What the hell did I ever do to Santa?

The old curmudgeo-nous codger needs to retire and turn the business over to Mrs. Claus--whom I believe to be empathetic and would at least comfort me by letting me lay my head in her lap covered with one of her handmade quilts while sucking my thumb.

I'm just sayin'.

EDIT: So, 'V' just called me and asked if I ordered said item for B already. I told him I in fact have and what a big mess it's been. He then proceeds to inform me that B's sorta kinda girlfriend ordered B the exact same one--same color, size...everything!

Damn it all to hell, I say!

So, I then have to call the same cheery guy back--whom I spoke with this morning about reversing the shipping charges--and change my order.

I just got B the same one only in a different color.

Wear it good health, kid, because that damn thing is going to be the death of ME!


  1. What a whirlwind. I hate computers....

    Blessings, andrea

  2. I hate shipping. If it weren't for the fact I hate taking the kids shopping with me, I would never order online. But I do have to take them with me, so all shopping is done from the comfort of my home. Shipping is the price I have to pay for it. Just shows you how unfair this world really is. LOL

  3. I love shopping online, I get all my shoes from stevemadden.com.....but boy one bad operater can mess up the entire experience....

    hope he likes it;) it would be funny if he liked your color better than the one from the kinda gf...lol

  4. I have to pay for it. Just shows you how unfair this world really is.

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  5. Prashant, I don't know if you've had too much crack or not enough. I don't know if you're high, drunk or if there's a language barrier here. Perhaps you're just fucking stupid or an asshole--but kindly quit spamming my comment sections with fragments and repeats of what I and others already wrote.

    You want attention for your 'Earn Money At Home' blog, so be it, but don't fuck with me to get it.

    You've done it several times now and if spamming isn't against blogger rules, it should be

    Go annoy someone else.

  6. That is so frustrating! I am so glad you got it taken care of.