Wednesday, December 23, 2009


No, not me. For once, this isn't about me. I am blogging about my friend Jo Moseley over at 'Jo's Corner'.

I know I have posted about Jo before but I feel now--at Christmastime when she is alone--is the time to do so again.

Jo has been battling cancer, an amputated leg and numerous infections that has her in and out of the hospital--and mostly she has been doing this alone.

Jo still needs a new wheelchair--I have donated a little (but am unable to do much, sadly): there is a donate button on the left hand side of her page.

There are three things we can do for Jo right now:

1) We can pray and/or send good thoughts her way

2) We can donate to help her get the wheelchair she needs (even a few dollars would help)

3) She would love to hear from us. She posted her address on her blog (and which I took the liberty of posting below)

Please, if you all would, send a note off to Jo. Whether it be today, tomorrow or after Christmas, let's please keep in mind that while we're running around cleaning, shopping and baking for the holidays (and stressing ourselves out to the max! Okay, maybe that's just me...)--she is alone in her apartment feeling sick, weak and discouraged.

Let's lift her up!

For whatever reason, she has family very nearby that has not helped her through any of this nor has she been included in their holiday celebration.

Jo can say it better than I, so, here are Jo's own words (from her last post):

"It is a sad Holiday Season for me this year. I can't really wrap my mind around the fact that I will be alone for Christmas this year. I truly don't know how I'm going to deal with that day. I have never been alone on Christmas Day! Not only is it sad for me, but I feel angry! Angry that I DO have family that lives less than a mile from me, yet I am not invited to be with them to Celebrate the Birth of our Lord. The angry part is that they KNOW how hurt I will be. It seems cruel to me. They will go to Church on Christmas Eve... but, will be okay the next morning, knowing that I will be alone and in pain. I DO NOT understand how they can "choose" to hurt me.

I wonder if that sounds dramatic to some who read it? Perhaps. But, I am a passionate woman. My God has given me a kind heart...a caring spirit. To make a CHOICE, to KNOWINGLY harm someone is not a part of me. What I DO know, is that I need to let go of my anger. Because, I know that anger can kill a person on the inside. And, if I choose to hang on to that anger, I will be in the same place that they are. It is not a good place. It is not a God place.

So I am making a choice to turn things around. I AM going to bake cookies and make fudge. I will do some things that I enjoy doing. I will take treats to some of my neighbors. I will sing Christmas Carols. And, I will sing "Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus", on His Birthday! I WILL CHOOSE HAPPINESS and PEACE!

I want to Wish You All a Merry Christmas! May You have a Blessed and Peaceful Holiday! Hug your Families...for You and for Me!"

And in a post from December 6th, 2009--she writes:

"I am realizing that my body is shutting down. And, that my time here on this Earth is coming to an end. That may sound strange to some. There has been nothing definitive said to make me believe or feel that way. I just know. My body is telling me. My heart and spirit are telling me."

Here is Jo's address--again, I am not violating her privacy--she posted this on her blog and is asking for our company:

Jo Moseley
802 Troy Rd. Apt. 105
Albert Lea, MN. 56007

We don't have to drive to do this, we don't have to stand in line to do this and we don't have to spend money to do this. We all have a pen and paper and all it will cost us is a little time and one stamp.

THIS is what Christmas is supposed to be about.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, my dear blog friends.

And Jo, if you're reading this--you are loved.

Peace, love, happiness and especially HEALTH,


  1. I just adore you, and now I have another reason to adore you even more....your heart is so are a beautiful person...I will be prayinf for her, and dropping her a line soon.

    much love to you and Merry Christmas my friend

  2. hey Jo, happy holidays to you and your family and im glad that Im back after taking my exams at the right time! merry Christmas my dear. May the heavenly father bless you, your family and your friends and their families. LOVE YOU so much.

  3. Hi Jo,
    Happy Christmas.

  4. aah..Can this teary gal, take a moment to grab a tissue? Such Love and Kindness I have felt here this Christmas Morning. Jo, you are truly my Friend, My Sister. Your ability to reach through Cyberspace and wrap your arms around me, is amazing! Oh, how I love you. Thank You, for sharing my story with others. And, for sending me a Christmas card and for making a donation towards my wheelchair! I KNOW that it was a sacrifice, but I also know that you planned carefully to fit it into your family budget.

    And, to Herrad and Naqvee, well, you both have Hearts of Love and like Jo, a real Compassion for others. I got your card, Naqvee. It was beautiful! Thank your Sister for me, as well. And, Thank You, Herrad, for your daily emails and for making a donation to my wheelchair fund.

    On this Christmas morning, I feel SO Loved. You 3 beautiful women have made my day! May this day and the coming New Year be FULL of Love and Joy and that it be a Healthy and Prosperous one, as well! You ALL deserve it!

    I Love You, my new Sisters! Blessings! Jo