Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Moms bragging rights are being enforced and fully abused here.

I probably don't talk enough about B--likely because he doesn't like me to.

Being 19, the last thing he wants is his mother slobbering all over him and telling him--and the blog-verse--how wonderful I think he is.

There seems to be enough blogs about Moms raising their kids. Most of them are school age children or younger.

However, I'm a little late for that boat.

You may thank me.

Truthfully though, had the Internet been present during my child-rearing years, I may have very well too have utilized it to connect with other stay-at-home Moms.

However, my blog is a different sort. My blog is what happens when the children are grown--and other mid-life catastrophies.

My blog is primarily my place not to boast about my kids, but to rue the economy and the present circumstances we find ourselves in, as many other American families have.

Which leads me to my point.

Without too much histrionics, let me just say this much about B. He's a freshman in junior college entering his second semester who hopes to transfer to a four year.

One of the classes he's taking is 'Humanities'.

I'm sure my die-hard Republican son would rather gauge his eye out with a dull spoon rather than to admit he has a little tiny bit of his 'hippie-weirdo' (as he calls me) liberal Mom in him.

However, my heart nonetheless swells with pride at the following.

He and two other students in 'Humanities' were assigned to do a video about 'The American Dream' (B is not in it--he did part of the filming and editing, as did the other two students).

Okay, actually, the whole class had to do it.

Sheesh. Happy now?

Each group presented their montage.

At the end of this post is B and his groups video link (located on youtube)--he wanted to make sure, in this post, that I don't give him all the credit as all three of them put a lot of work into the filming and editing.

I understand that and I love his heart for thinking of them. But, you know what? I'm not their parent and I'm sure their parents will be showing this off in their own forums, rightfully so.

J (my 'oldest son') is in it. He is the caucasion short haired, kinda scruffy bearded tan T-shirt wearing sitting in the garage one.

How's that for descriptive?

I also know several of the others in the video, including the Asian mid-30's man, who is Ed's step-brother.

The rest are friends and family members of friends of B's and the others involved with this project.

With that said, B decided not to interview Ed and I for this project, although I thought us good candidates. Considering we're all but bankrupt, lost a home, struggle with health insurance coverage, auto insurance coverage, putting food on the table, etc., who better, I thought, than Ed and I to talk about 'The American Dream' and whether or not it still exists?

So, I was a little betwixt and befuddled ('butt hurt' as B would put it) at him not interviewing Ed nor myself. Perhaps it was too close for comfort. Perhaps he would be embarrassed.

Perhaps both.

Upon showing me the completed video project a little while ago, I tried to tell him how wonderful I thought it was, how proud I am and to say 'well done'. He just kind of said 'thanks' and moved along to the next thing in his day.

Maybe one day he'll get the 'parents pride' thing and only then he'll know that just because he's done being raised, doesn't mean he's done being loved.

Without further adieu, I present to you B and his groups version and vision of 'The American Dream' brought to you by 'Humanities 16' (being gadget stupid and not yet figuring out how to add links on here, I would just copy and paste it to your search bar). Enjoy.

EDIT: Per Steven Anthony's suggestion, I copied and pasted the embedded link from 'youtube' and--voila!--it actually worked! Thanks, my friend!

*View video below.

EDIT REDUX: So, upon viewing the video (sorry for it's length--it had to be, per their professor's request, approx. 10 minutes long), I'd like to know what you all think about The American Dream. Not only the video itself (again--well done, son and friends!), but also The American Dream in your words, from your perspective. All one has to do is go back and read my posts to know my view.

R.I.P. George Carlin--rock on!


  1. Jo i think it so coool how u gush about your kids, I love I tried following the link, couldnt find the video.....u need to go to utube, next to the video where it says embeded copy that link, then come back to your blog and paste it in the area were u write your post...the video will appear and we can all view it from your post;) cant wait to see it

  2. Congratulations. He sounds like an awesome young man. You and I are truly blessed with GREAT sons! My sons have been through a lot over the years and I think it has made them better...rather than worse.
    Blessings and prayers,

  3. Jo, you're so blessed to have that adorable son.
    Have a great day!
    love and hugs

  4. Jo, first you did a great job posting the video, your son did an excellent job on the video. It should get them an A+ for it.

    Can you do me a favor and email me sometime?


  5. What is so wrong with gushing about your kids, on your blog Jo? I love it. It shows how much you care for them and are passionate about being a parent. What I wouldn't give to see more parents gush. The embedded vid works great. Good job Jo! Splendid vid. Have a great one!

  6. Great job to your son and his classmates!

    I do believe the American Dream still exists. The only way it's going to disappear is if we let it. If we let the hard times steal our dreams from us.

    Did I have a bank account balance of $14.73 last week and bills that amounted to much more than that due? YUP. Do I still feel like I'm living "the dream?" Pretty much.

    This country has hit hard times, but we cannot blame it all on the government. Once people start taking responsibility for their actions (not talking about you guys AT ALL) and owning up to them, we may have a chance! I knew far too many people that rode that wave of success high and spent like it was going out of style. People took on mortgages they knew they could not swing, bought fancy cars, extras, stuff like that. People did not save and when the bottom fell out, they hit the floor.

    The government is all whack-a-doodle anyhow. We need to save ourselves!

  7. Hey it works.....My American dream, everyone is truly equal, no hunger, no disease hate crimes have never been heard of, no one goes to bed scared, or hungry...and love isnt just a word we use, but we practice it....awwwww one can dream right?

    much love my friend, and give your boy a big high five from me, awesome job!