Thursday, November 19, 2009

A More Courageous Jo Than I

Jo was the very first friend I made on here months ago on blogspot.

She reached out to me at a time when I felt very much alone--with little or no connection of 'sisterhood' to call my own--and told me; "I'll be your sister." I have never forgotten that....

Today I dropped by her blog: 'Jo's Corner'.

Jo is battling cancer and, as a result, has lost part of her leg.

She is struggling with raising money to buy a new wheelchair and has little or no family to speak of. What family she does have has forsaken her, leaving her virtually alone to deal with her illness.

Thankfully, she has a neighbor to help feed her cats during her multiple and long hospital stays as well as a "sister in Christ" who has reached out and shown her the kind of love, friendship and kindness that her family hasn't.

Jo has set up a paypal button on the left sidebar of her blog to purchase a wheelchair suitable for her to maneuver.

Please read Jo's story and join her on this journey--she will break your heart and lift your spirits simultaneously.

I know, as I always have, that there are people out there battling so much worse than I--but to put a face on it and read her own heartwrenching words puts it all in perspective....

Jo has over 70 followers but, thus far, no donations. That will change as of today--although, I am able to do very little. However, as with 'Ezra's Mommy' (see her blog button on my side bar), I felt very compelled to bring this to others' attention in the hopes that people can give a few dollars and a 'domino effect' can take place to help a fellow blogger in much need.

Visit Jo's corner and please do what you can, if you can. Donations and/or prayers welcome.

Blessings and thanks.


  1. I don't know if there is a CVS pharmacy near you, but sometimes they will donate wheelchairs to people who can not afford them. I am not sure how you would go about it, but is worth checking into. If they do not donate it, maybe they could get what she needs cheaper and would help from that angle.
    I will jump over and visit.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. I can't seem to get to her blog. Maybe you could post a link on your blog over to her blog.

  3. Hi, Andrea~

    I have tried--several times--with zero success to post links on my blog posts and I just can't seem to figure it out.

    I am truly gadget stupid.

    When I type a new post, I click on the 'thing-y' (very techinical term) which is supposed to add links and I paste the http//...etc. in the allotted space.


    It never shows up.

    I'm convinced it hates me. It must.

    I can tell you that Jo is on my followers list (her picture is pretty much identical to the one I posted on this post) or perhaps you can type 'Jo's Corner @ blogspot..' etc. in your homepage's search bar and see if anything comes up...I hope that helps--so sorry I'm such a nincompoop!

    Also, thank you for the great suggestion on CVS--that will likely come in handy for someone out there in need.

    Jo posted a picture of the specific wheelchair she needs on her blog. As an amputee I would imagine it's the little details on a wheelchair that could make or break her comfortability and accessibility.

    Thank you, again, for your encouraging words and support--your blog is just lovely and I enjoy stopping by when I need a bit of calm in my day.


  4. Hi Jo,
    Read your post and visited Karen Jo's blog right away and sent her 10 dollars via paypal for her wheelchair that she needs.
    Hope more people will send 10 dollars and she gets her chair soon.
    Would be lovely before xmas but that would be a good day.
    Have a good day.
    ps thanks for the link,feel real empathy, special because I have been given bad/heavy chairs which make you more handicapped.

  5. Awww...Herrad--you are a darling! Thank you so much for your donation to Jo.

    Naturally, you know as well as anyone what a hinderance an ill fitting wheelchair can be, so, again--I thank you.

    I'll stop by again soon to see you--your positive attitude about MS helps me to keep my chin up when I get too 'poo-pooey' about life.

    Thank you, again, for your thoughtfulness--I hope others will (if they are able) follow suit to make her holiday special...


  6. Dear Jo and Herrad, too. So sorry that haven't responded to either of you...SOONER! I am in the hospital as I speak (type). I was admitted on Mon. after running very high fevers. My blood cultures grew some type of staph, so I am Septic. I've been on 2 antibiotics, yet I cont. to have high fevers.
    I can't type much more, but I want to say THANK YOU, for donating to my wheelchair fund!
    I'll check in with you soon. Love, JO