Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi, all. Happy holidays to you and yours.

I am embarking on my third MS Walk in Scott's name and honor.

Scott is 53 and has MS (Multiple Sclerosis). He was diagnosed in 1989 at the age of 33.

Scott was a newly engaged man at the time of his diagnosis and 'forwarned' his then fiance` that he didn't know what was to come nor how his MS would progress, therefore, giving her an 'out'.

She vowed to stick with him through thick and thin but after 13 years of marriage, when his MS did indeed progress to the point where he was wheelchair bound, she left.

They had no children.

Scott's father was a physician and his mother a nurse--but neither could heal their son for there is no cure for MS, nor even a definitive cause.

Scott was a 'Hospital Administrator', working hard for years in school and his profession only having to retire early on disability.

After his divorce, Scott moved back in with his parents in 2004. Shortly thereafter his Mom passed away from cancer and his Dad followed two years ago.

Scott has two older siblings who are very loving but neither having the facility or space for Scott's needs as he is in a powerchair.

He moved into Assisted Living--where I worked at the time--in October of 2007. From there we became fast friends and he got me involved in the MS cause.

This will be my third annual MS Walk.

For a little more about Scott and his great attitude, please go to the website towards the bottom of this post....

It's no small thing to give a donation--regardless of the amount. I am not impervious to today's economical crisis and the bearing it has on everyday, hard-working families.

So, it is with great humility that I ask you to find Scott and the MS cause worthy and to please donate only what you're able.

I would never want--nor expect--anyone to go beyond their means. You'd be surprised at how much a $5.00 or $10.00 donation can make a big difference and add up quick.

The previous two Walk seasons, I was grateful to be able to raise nearly $10,000. Everyone truly came out in generous support and the total well exceeded mine and Scott's expectations.

Again, it all adds up.

Here is the information on how to donate to the MS Walk '10 if you're so inclined.

Please give--for Scott and others to have hope for a future without MS.

I walk for Scott.

To make an on-line donation:

1) Go to

2) Click 'Donate/Pledge' on the left hand side in the green column

3) Then click 'Donate' on the next page

4) From there click 'Search For Participant' and type in my name: Jo Anna O'Hara

5) You should then be led to my participant page where you follow the directions to donate--this is a secure site.

*If you have trouble navigating the site (it happens!) and/or prefer to donate by check, please E-mail me at: (please identify yourself in the subject box so I don't delete it mistaking it for spam) and I'll give you my address.

Make check payable to the National MS Society and in the memo portion of the check write: 'For Jo Anna O'Hara's Walk Page'.

From there I send it to the MS Society--or feel free to mail it in yourself to:

NMSS - Southern California Chapter
869 E. Foothill Blvd. Ste. I
Upland, CA 91786

*Again, just make sure to include my name in the memo portion.

100% of the proceeds go to the NMSS.

It's perfectly understandable if you're not able to donate--all good wishes are equally welcome and deeply appreciated.

Much thanks!
Peace, love and happiness,

For Scott.


  1. I walk in MS Walk too!! I walk for my friend Jonathan who was diagnosed last year at age 26. That is awesome you are making a difference!

  2. Hi, Amy! Thank you for your kind words--you, too, are making a difference by joining such a worthy cause.

    I will keep you and Jonathan in my thoughts this Walk season (how is he? by the way...) and I wish you both great success as you endeavor to put an end to this debilitating disease.

    Good for Jonathan to have such a caring, pro-active friend in you!

    Peace, love and happiness,

  3. Hi,Jo....
    thank you for stopping by my site and for your wonderful comment. I did little reading and lurking around your site and I am planning on doing much more during the week.

    You are a wonderful and caring person and the people in your life are truly blessed.

    I walk every year with my children for cancer (their grandma passed away before they were born)and for Juvenile diabetes (my older boy was diagnosed 4 years ago).

    I wish I could donate to your great cause right now (and I will check if I can), but if I can't I want to stay in touch and help in a near future. My hubby just got a job after 13 months of unemployment and the bills really got enormous.

  4. Awww, Bibi. Just the thought alone means the world to me.

    The Walk isn't until April 17th and, so, I would say that your big heart has earned the right not to worry about anyone else for a while. My fundraiser will still be here, and for now, just know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I'm looking forward to visiting your blog regularly--I like you already!

    Much thanks for stopping by--hope you'll do so again soon.

    Hugs to you and your brave little boy!

    Peace, love and happiness,

  5. That's amazing you raised $10,000! Sad Scott's wife left him and his parents have died too. I've done the Cystic Fibrosis walk in the past but haven't raised anywhere close to what you have.

    Visiting from SITS. Merry Christmas!