Sunday, November 29, 2009


We seem to fake a lot in our lives sometimes...

Fake Interest. Fake Smiles:

Fake boobs (yes, I'm speaking to you, Pam Anderson--put her next to a radiator and she melts!):

*Disclaimer: no offense meant to those of you who may have had such a--eh hem--'procedure'. You know who you are.

People do different things for different reasons--whatever ones reasons, they are personal and their own. No judgements.

We also have fake meats and dairy (of this I am PROUDLY guilty in partaking):

As well as fake leather and fur (again, I'm proudly guilty):

Fake haircolor and nails:

But one thing I will never do, if I can help it, is fake a Christmas tree.

I understand why people do it. It's money already sitting in their garage rather than going out and spending additional money every year on something one throws away anyway.

But...I like the real ones anyway. I just do.

I like the smell, the tradition of picking one out every year, trimming the branches to make it fit where it needs to. I like watching it all come together.

I used to work at 'Yankee Candle' several years ago. People would come in during the holidays and ask me if we had a candle that smells like a real Christmas tree because they, too, fake it.

And we did--we had several 'outdoorsy' scents.

So, here's an idea for those of you who fake it:

But, I gotta tell ya: As much as I LOVED working at 'Yankee Candle' and adore their candles (I still occasionally buy their tarts for my tart burners--although, not for a while), we were wayyy too over the top expensive. So, if you're going to spend $25.00 on a candle anyway, just take that money and invest it in a real tree this year.

Whatever you do, enjoy the season--your way or my way, it doesn't matter. Just be safe, be happy, take it all in and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Peace, love and happiness now and always,


  1. I understand why you want a real one, but I am a bit strange. I keep my tree up all year. I love going into our small living room and flipping the switch in the middle of the summer and enjoying the beauty of my tree. Yes, I am crazy....I admit it!
    Blessings, andrea

  2. I love a real tree too. A real tree brings back childhood memories and it is fun picking out just the right one.

  3. That is a tour on fake.
    But your post/blog is just soo original!
    Have a great time!
    lots of love and

  4. Hahaha! Nice post! I also agree, Yankee Candles are waaaay toooo expensive!!! I like them but man they are highly priced!!!!

  5. I love real, but we haven't had one for years due to allergies. This year we've decided to give it a go again. Fingers crossed. Because there really is no comparison...

  6. Growing up we always had a real tree. After I got married I moved to my hubs house and come Christmas he brings out this ugly box.I humored him that year, but that was the first and last year I had a fake tree.

    We didn't have a tree for few years, but when we do I always buy one with roots and plant it afterwards.

  7. Hey there Jo. I understand your love of real holiday trees, from the smell to the tradition. They make more sense environmentally too.

    Unfortunately, I don't think the real thing they could hold up to the month and a half lifetime they would have in our house. They would all be sad little trees indeed.