Thursday, November 19, 2009


I picked up today--quite belatedly--two lovely 'Blog Awards'!

One from 'Ekan' from November:

And the other from Kelly of 'Kelly's Idea's' from way back in September:

They are now posted--proudly--on my side bar under 'Blog Awards'. :)

My apologies for my extreme tardiness in retrieving them.

I want to thank you both for thinking of me and how much I have appreciated your support--and everyone's.

Am still trying to get caught up on visiting everyone's blogs after a long absence....

Those of you who are just stopping by--please see my blog from yesterday titled; 'It's Alive!' for an update.

Love and thanks to you all for the continued blog love and support!

Peace, love and happiness,


  1. Hey Jo, Congrats on the Awards!!

  2. Congratulations and GOD BLESS, andrea

  3. It is nice to see people who have the same interest like mine. I am an avid fan of the CDalifornia Angels as well....