Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hi to my beautiful blog friends!

I've really missed all of you--it's been over a week but feels like an eternity.

Quick update:

Our computer still hasn't gotten fixed--B had to go into 'Safe Mode' to try and save some important documents on his flash drive before taking it to the guy from Ed's work who can then fix it for us--there were a few things we hated to lose in our saved documents that would be difficult to replace: resumes, B's school assignments, a book I started writing and 15 giga bites of I-Tunes that tooks years of accumulating that B hates to lose as he doesn't have most of the CD's anymore (some were borrowed).

So, in the meantime we're still using his friends old lap top which is massively slow, infuriating and untrustworthy. Again, I'm not supposed to be on here but just wanted to touch base and let everyone know how much I miss you and miss reading about what's going on in your lives--I wish I could stay longer to do that but don't want to risk any further damage as this darned thing is all we have right now until our pc gets fixed.

Nothing much new going on other than that: we're supposed to file for bankruptcy on November 2nd where the garnishment on my husbands wages are supposed to cease immediately.

In the meantime, taking back cans and bottles to buy a few groceries.

As I mentioned before, we're also going to 'Disneyland' or 'California Adeventure' on Saturday, Oct. 10th for my Mom's birthday: she gets in free for her birthday and Ed and I have two free tickets.

We're likely going to pack our lunch and dinner in an ice chest (and keep it in our car) instead of paying to eat there unless anyone knows if there is perhaps a website where we can print out food coupons for 'The Disneyland Resort'. I have been unsuccessful thus far.

I don't have a problem packing a lunch--we do what we have to do and I'm truly grateful to have two free tickets that enables us to enjoy a day of fun--but, of course, would prefer to eat there were it affordable. I know my Mom, for one, isn't looking forward to all the walking back and forth between our car and the park to eat. However, if I am unable to locate any coupons/vouchers, then that is naturally our course of action.

On another note, unfortunately, I still haven't been able to buy my daughter a birthday gift (needless to say--as I've said it 100 times before--things have been pretty freaking tough!) but I will be doing so in November--it'll be a few months late but I'm hoping she'll be understanding and willing to see the sincereity of my gesture instead of the late timeframe, if it gets acknowledged at all. Not really the point I suppose as I will get her something nonetheless.

In closing, I want to say another thank you to 'Supahmommy' for making me another button for my blog. Bloggers seemed to like both choices equally so she kindly made me another for people to choose from--both are on my sidebar. Much thanks to her for her time and kindness!

I want you all to know how much I miss you and can't wait to be back on permanently to catch up with you all. I hope this finds everyone happy and well.

Here is my E-mail address--please identify yourself in the subject box if you'd like to stay in touch via E-mail:

Happy Autumn--peace, love and happiness to you all!



  1. boy i sure do miss my jo love.............u r still in my thoughts and prayers,,

    i hope u back soon, im thinking of starting a 12 step program for missing jo;)

  2. wonder if you can fit the lunch in a locker at Disneyland, that way you won't have to "trudge" back to the car to get it. When hubby and me were at California Adventure and Disneyland recently, we saw families pulling out lunches they had brought from home. I thought it was great to do considering it costs an arm and a leg to eat there. Unfortunately I don't know of any free coupons for food there either. I think that's one of the principal ways they make money....over charge for food

    cooled down for us, isn't that nice :)


  3. I'm pretty sure your daughter would understand and appreciate your gesture. And all the best for your trip.

  4. Growing up, we ALWAYS packed our meals to take with to Disneyland. I think we were all adults before we actually bought food inside the park! I shall poke about and see if I can find any coupon/vouchers.

  5. you have an award to receive from my side! come soon and grab it!
    your life and the way you are solving this puzzle of life has captivated my mind. you deserve this.

  6. I've missed ya. I haven't been on too much myself. :( Take care of yourself. ((Hugs))

  7. Keep working on a way to save money on those lunches - a backpack, maybe, with a frozen bottle of water to keep it cool instead of cool bricks in it? As it defrosts you can drink it! Hope the PC is fixed soon!

  8. Funny - I will be at Disneyland on the 10th too! We have passes and I promised the girls we'd go and see the Halloween decorations.
    There are lockers at the entrance to both parks where you can keep your food - going back to the car is a pain.
    Love to you.

  9. At Great America here in Illinois, the park once provided a picnic area for families and groups. I guess those times have changed, the parks attempting to force visitors to purchase their overpriced food. Oye.

    I know that things will improve for you soon. Keep your head up. Trust me, bad times are making their rounds.



  11. I have been gone now for a week too. I have been in the process of moving. What a crazy week this has been.

    Have fun at Disney, packing a lunch is the cheapest way to go. If I remember correctly you can take your cooler inside. But dont quote me on that.

  12. Hope your disney trip was fun. We pack food a lot when we visit theme parks. Toooo much $$ only to still be left hungry. lol!! Looks like things are still slow moving on your bankruptcy front. Sending prayers that things start looking up for you before this year is over....including some sort of truce between you and daughter. ((hugs))