Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi, all!

Wow--so much going on and I cannot begin to tell you how much I've missed everyone....I think of you all daily!

As you may recall, our computer crashed--it is still unfixed. Fixin' costs money, don'tcha know? Whoda thunk it, eh???

Bummer, dude. Major bummer.

Then, we were using a very old, slow and unstable laptop that B's friend gave him--well, that took a dive on us, too, leaving me totally incommunicado from the world outside.

Amazing how reliant we have all become on technology--but without it B has had to go to other peoples houses to do his school work, I have been unable to do my on-line banking (which helps me to stay on task financially, pay bills, keep track of transactions, etc.), Ed has been unable to do his weekly line-up's for his 'Fantasy Football' league that he does every year through his work (which he still hasn't paid for--yikes!--they're being understanding and patient) and which he really enjoys (one of the few things he gets to look forward to) not to mention being 'computerless' has left me without being able to catch up with you all!

I still haven't been able to pick up my awards from a few weeks back that Kelly and Naqvee were so kind as to bestow upon me but I want to thank them both so much for thinking me worthy and I promise to come back to retrieve them when I have more computer access.

So, this morning my 'oldest son' brought over his laptop for me to use so I can do my bi-monthly crying--er, banking.

I only have it for a little while today--but he is being very patient with me as I have been about two weeks now incommunicado!


As you may recall, we took my Mom to 'California Adventure' for her birthday on Sat. October 10th. She got in for free for her birthday and Ed and I had two free tickets from the 'MS Society'. I packed us a great lunch to save all of us money (that none of us really had, to be frank) on having to buy food at the park.

Parking, unfortunately, went up $2.00 and is now $14.00 to park!!!

We gave my Mom a choice between 'Disneyland' and 'California Adventure'--she chose the latter.

I tried, Meeko, I tried.

Although we had tried convincing her that 'Disneyland' would be more 'her speed' (and so fun and pretty in the Autumn!) and, therefore, would have more for a 76 year old woman to do and see, she chose 'California 'Adventure' because she had never been there.

And so, since it was HER day, we accommodated her--and, by doing so, basically wasted our two free tickets--ha!

I TOLD her over and over prior to going to wear comfortable shoes and to dress accordingly--that there would be a lot of walking.

But NOOOOOOO! She wore dressy flats, pants and blouse with a shawl instead of tennis shoes and comfy, warm (it was chilly there that day--especially once the sun set), layered clothing.

Comfy and lots of walking being the key words.

Had we been thinking ahead, we would have borrowed a wheelchair from my in-laws for her as her feet were killing her after a few hours.

She went to 'Guest Services' to find out how much to rent an electric wheelchair--$76.00 they wanted (you would get $20.00 or $25.00 back upon it's return)!!! I told her she should have checked to see how much for a regular one but she poo-pooed it all together. Probably wouldn't have been much difference--everything there is ridiculous.

Ed was 'jonesing' for a cup of coffee--$4.00 I paid for a stupid cup of Joe! Sheesh, we could have gone to 'Starbucks' for a cappuccino!

Anyway, we ended up only on three rides alllll dayyyyy with having to stop and walk slow, stop again, sit for a while, stop, walk slow some more.

Three rides--not including the kiddie rides with my two year old great-niece (my niece and her husband came with their little one) and the 'Aladdin' show which was spectacular!

So, yeah--three rides. Yep.

Comfy shoes, Mom--comfy shoes!!!!!

Oh, and I had to buy my Mom a poncho--yes, a PONCHO! $7.00!!!!!

She had told me weeks before we went that she wanted to go on the raft water ride. I told her that it wasn't too fast or steep and that she could probably handle it but to make sure she brought a windbreaker, hat, change of clothes, etc. because she would likely get wet.

What do you think? Did she listen?

Yep--you guessed it. NOPE! So, when she saw people getting off the ride wet she made a stink. A big one.

I reminded her that I told her of this--several times--and that we don't have to go on it.

She insisted on going on but was making such a 'to do' about the water that I went and bought her the damned PONCHO. Then, what do you suppose she said?

"I told you not to!!!!"

She has since recovered nicely from somehow--eh hem--accidentally tumbling off the raft.

God only knows how she managed to go head first off that thing. They really need to review their safety standards.

Anyway, we were glad to be home and swore NEVER AGAIN with my Mother.

I love her but, seriously.

In other news, we file for bankruptcy November 2nd.

We have to re-take the mandatory on-line credit counseling before we can file: our previous attorney--A.K.A. unethical, lazy, scum bag piece of sh**--had us take it back in April. It cost us $50.00. However, since he didn't do anything to motivate himself to work for us and crunch the numbers, the certificate has since expired and we now have to re-take it paying yet another $50.00.

That now leaves us with $75.00 for two weeks of groceries, toiletries, etc. after rent and gas for Ed to get back and forth to work which is $12.00 a day (we had to borrow the money for our attorney's fees).

This has been a constant stressful struggle of a juggling act--I can only hope it's nearly over and that the judge who reviews our case doesn't reject it.

The nearer it gets to November 2nd, I feel not the relief I thought I would, but further anxiety in a mind full of "what if's?"

I HAVE to think that way--I truly feel as if I have no choice but to NOT get my hopes up that this nightmare is almost over.

Only when I wake up in a cold sweat from this terror that has been our lives for a year, will I then exhale and breathe regularly again--and only then.

I will be back whenever I have access to a computer to say hi to my wonderful blog friends whom I have missed so dearly it settles itself in the form of a dull ache.

I truly miss you and can't wait to be back permanently so I can finally catch up on how you all are.

Meeko, Steven Anthony, Rae, Isabella, Naqvee, Ekanthapadhikan, Cooking Mama, Lori, Kelly, Allen, Kyle...all of you (and those whose names I missed in my haste in getting this off--my sincere apologies)--I love and miss you greatly and so very much appreciate everyone's well wishes and support and wish for you all everything that is good.

I truly hope this finds your Autumn blessed with good health, peace, love and happiness.

(I will likely get to check my mail about once a week or every two weeks)


  1. OMG! I havent even read your post yet, just had to say I have missed you sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooo much....ok I will go read it now, be back in a bit;)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I just read your post, gosh I have missed you....I went about two weeks without a computer, it was hell.....hell I tell ya!

    Truly you have been in my thoughts alot, I pray for you and your family everyday;)

    peace my friend, you are missed, but not forgotten

  3. We hope you are back in the blog world, soon. Sounds a little like taking your child to California rather than your mother, no offense. I was just recognizing the things you told her and thinking of how we tell those same things to our kids.
    Hope the tide turns soon and you feel some relief.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Great to read some news on your blog again! Take care.

  5. Aw Jo, your trip sounds just like what would happen with my mom. I feel your pain. I pray for peace for you as you go through your proceedings. I've been there, I know exactly how you feel, anxiety and all. The what ifs will drive you crazy, make your head spin. But there will be a day eventually when you can take a deep breath, breathe in slowly and know that everything will be ok. Just keep looking towards that day :o)

  6. I have so missed you and your updates! I think about you often and hope that you will finally get some of this burden lifted! I am going to keep thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way!

    Hugs to you my friend~

  7. One day your mother will be dead, I hope you can live with your conscience would your mother feel if she knew what you really thought about her...what if your own daughter thought/thinks the same of you...a little humbleness might go a long way Jo, it's not ALL about you

  8. I have to admire your mom for wanting to go on Grizzly Rapids at her age; good thing you did get her a poncho though; can you imagine if she got soaking wet and then got sick afterwards? you are a good daughter for trying to help her to have a good day for her birthday.

    it is sooo tough these days financially with things especially where we live; hang in there the best you can; I know it sounds so trite but that's about the best we can do, right? just hang in there


  9. Hey there Jo! We miss you! Glad to see you back here, even if it was for just a short time, on borrowed time. Family stuff is always crazy. Glad to see you are getting some results with the new attorney, even though that is adding hardship in the now. Sending light and love your way!

  10. Hey KAZZ, how's about you take a long walk off a short peer?

  11. WTH KAZZ? This is HER blog and she can say what SHE wants. Sheesh. Everyone gets frustrated with people from time to time, who are you to judge?

    Anyhow, nice to see an update! Hope everything goes smoothly.

  12. im always wishing for the best to happen to you. and certainly it will

  13. OMG Kazz thats harsh... people we love wont live forever but it doesnt mean we dont have moments when they annoy us thats life wake up this shitty life isnt a bed of roses as much as we love people they can be a pain in the butt and this is jo's blog i use mine to release my anger annoyance and frustrations its a way of letting things out and pass away. I would be horrified to get a post from someone like you with that attitude!!
    I hope jo all goes well for you dont worry moaning about your mum or anyone else its quite normal we all do it except it seems for Kazz ??? can we really think shes never had a cross word with her mother or reason to be annoyed or moan ... i think not!