Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here is yet another update on our ongoing, never ceasing, filing issues.

So, we met with our new attorney last night--Ed and I both up front immediately liked him.

There's a no-nonsense approach, let's get down to brass taxes kind of thing about him.

Underneath that, once business is taken care of--there lies a personable guy who has the same insecurities as the rest of us: did he make the right choices in his life? Should he have followed a different path? What's he going to do about his aging mother?

I found it all very interesting.

Well, back to the bankruptcy: he basically laid it all on the line for us--crunched numbers again and again and said that due to the overtime Ed was working earlier in the year (after the garnishment had started just so we could make ends meet) we may not qualify for Chapter 7 and may have to turn to chapter 13. Or is it the other way around??? Hell, I don't know--I don't do numbers and my head f*@&ing hurts from all of this!

But if Ed keeps up the limited--or no overtime--we can file November first. It may be contested but we can at least file and upon doing so the garnishment will immediately stop. Now, the problem is Ed's future earnings which might hinder us being able to file--so then that's where we'd have to go to the other number (either 7 or 13) and make reasonable payments. Which wouldn't be bad either because it would be less than what's being garnished now and Ed could crank up the overtime again plus I could then perhaps look for work, too.

So, we'll see. Either way at least we have somebody in our corner willing and ready to work with us this time.

As for our previous attorney--I E-mailed him last night telling him his services were no longer needed and he E-mailed me back today (the s.o.b. couldn't do that before????) and said that he had already 'assumed' that.

What an ass. Seriously. So, he had already stopped working for us.

So, as things will continue to be bad for the next few months--let's hope in the end it will lead to something better.

Cheer's to the future!


  1. You seem to be pretty sure about your new attorney. And I too would keep my bet on him to straighten up things for you. More than that, I'd pray for your better future. You deserve to live a wonderful life just like any other human being.

  2. its always so good to have someone in your very happy for you with the new attorney. I pray things continue on an upward swing:)


  3. Praising GOD that you were led to someone who could help you. Hang in there.
    Blessings, andrea