Thursday, September 3, 2009


I think I need help.

I've become an official 'celeb Twitter stalker', following no fewer than the likes of:

Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher

Michael Keaton

Giada De Laurentiis

Jenny McCarthy

Oprah Winfrey

Paula Deen

Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling

Diablo Cody

Brent Spiner

P Diddy

Ellen DeGeneres

Good Morning America

Rainn Wilson

Kim Cattrall

Kelly Preston

Kevin Spacey

Evan Handler

Al Gore

Kirstie Alley

Big Brother

Jim Carrey

Sarah Silverman

Melanie Mayron

Kevin Nealon

Rachael Ray

Amanda Bynes

Ben Stiller

Stevie Nicks

Drew Barrymore

Christina Applegate

Madeleine Stowe

Michael Moore

Bill Gates

Russell Brand

Barbara Walters

Melissa Gilbert

The White House | Washington, DC USA

Gov. Schwarzenegger

Jane Fonda


Dita Von Teese

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin

Tony Robbins

Hugh Jackman

Quentin Tarantino

EDIT: Today I added Jimmy Fallon, Deepak Chopra, Dolly Parton & Tristan Rogers ('General Hospital' fans from the 1980's will remember him! And he's still a dish!). Interesting thing is that I won't even buy gossip rags.
I'm sick. Surely there must be a pill for this.


  1. Jo!

    I think Twitter for everyday people is just plain pointless. After all, who needs to know what random little thing I'm up to throughout the day?


    I think Twitter for celebrities is a brilliant idea! You get to see what your fave celebs are doing at any given moment. Photo shoots, talk show appearances, interviews, etc..

    They live such a crazy, mile-a-minute lifestyle, I don't blame you for becoming a 'celeb Twitter stalker'.

    Makes sense to me!


  2. Hi, Dean--I wholeheartedly agree. My husband thinks it's silly but...I gotta tell you, it seems a bit like 'voyeurism'--like I'm being naughty. Kinda like having my hand in the cookie jar...

    Nice of you to stop by--I'll return the favor!

  3. Hi Jo,
    If you have the time is ok.
    I usualy don't have much spare time not even for eating.But i don't know why.
    I passed by to say hi.Check out my last post there's something for you!!!

  4. haha, thats great... I want to start celeb-stalking too!!

  5. ok, i wont even tell ya how many i

  6. LOL....Jo, you do have a great obsession going there!!! Why not though? If it's fun right? You need happy, joy, laughter and giggles in your life these days. I'm addicted to TMZ...