Friday, September 4, 2009

FRIDAY FACTS--a.k.a. 'Did you know?'

Hi, all. Quick update: We were supposed to have an appointment with the new attorney yesterday evening but we postponed it until this coming Tuesday, the 8th, so Ed could finish the mounds of paperwork which is required.

Will keep you posted--thank you, as always, for your wonderful well wishes!

In other sad news--Ed's Dad (my father-in-law--77) is not doing well. He's not on his death bed by any means (thank God!) but is simply, sadly lingering.

His health--physical and mental--has been declining for quite some time and Ed goes over there once a week after work for dinner to spend time with him and his Mom (technically step-Mom but she's his MOM--wonderful lady!). My God his Mom has her hands full; works full time (plus a lot of overtime) and then comes home to have to cook and care for his Dad--who is at times quite volatile. He is unable to walk due to Parkinsons, arthritis, poor circulation--you name it (he also has a colonoscopy--sp?--bag), so she has a part time gal that comes in but who is now threatening to quit over his vile verbal behavior.

My mother-in-law is a tiny person and my father-in-law a big man so trying to lift him and such is impossible--so, I am now looking into Hoyer Lifts for her. Will be scanning through some discount medical websites and send her the information.

It takes her TWO HOURS to shower him and get him into bed.

Assisted Living is out of the question financially and she is trying desperately to avoid the state run skilled nursing facilities. Ed and she have both talked to him about his volatile behavior and that if he doesn't stop, he will go into one of those places but NONE of us want that.

He definitely feels a sense of loss of control so his anger and lashing out is, while unacceptable, understandable.

Just such a very sad situation as he was always such a strong, independent man who really started to go downhill after retirement about ten years ago. We'll be going over there on Sunday...

Onto other things now.

Have I ever told you that I'm a plethora of useless information?

I retain the dumbest stuff, honest to God--things that no one could ever possibly care about. Usually Hollywood bru-ha-ha.

Not necessarily anything you haven't heard before per se--just stupid stuff I, for some odd reason, haven't forgotten.

Okay, here goes.

Did you know...

'Sweetwater' was the very first band to play at Woodstock?

'Tinkerbell's' figure was fashioned after Marilyn Monroe?

Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn Monroe was not a size 16? She was in fact, at her biggest, a size 10. Womens sizes have changed over the years and what used to be a 16 was in fact equivalent to a size 10 now.

I know, it depressed me, too.

The name of the play Abraham Lincoln was watching the night of his assassination was called 'Our American Cousin'?

Lana Turner was nicknamed 'The Sweater girl' and Clara Bow was 'The It Girl'?

Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine were sisters--who despised one another, by the way--and both are in fact still alive?

Steve Martin--who frequently plays a Dad on screen--doesn't have kids?

Sarah Jessica Parker grew up on Welfare?

Teri Garr ('Tootsie', 'Mr. Mom', 'Young Frankenstein') has MS (Multiple Sclerosis)?

'An Officer And A Gentleman' was 27 years ago????

Demi Moore started her career on the soap opera 'General Hospital' in the 80's?

Lauren Bacall and Jason Robards were once married?

Hedy Lamar was a pioneer in Telecommunications?

The rumor that a production assistant and one of the 'Munchkins' hung themselves on the set of 'The Wizard Of Oz' is only urban legend? In fact, in the far distance in one of the scenes of the movie, it seems something is indeed 'swinging from a tree' (you can go to and look this up)--however, it is in fact merely an ostrich moving his head up and down.

Well, I think that's all I got. NO idea how I know this crap--but I'm a blast at cocktail parties!

Okay, actually I've never been to a cocktail party in my life.


Happy Friday, all!


  1. Praying for your family. Praying for your father in law...Praying GOD will heal his emotions and help him to control them. My mother in law had Parkinson's disease. It is tough and we were able to keep her at home until the last two weeks of her life. There may come a time when the family can no longer care for your FIL. Know that you have done all you can do for him and that is all GOD expects of us. He will lead and guide each of you in the decisions you will face.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. Sorry about your FIL. My husband's grandfather was in that state for a while. He had MS and just went downhill after his wife passed. He went to join her recently.

    Your knowledge astounds me. Some of which I knew. The Marilyn Monroe stat makes me smile cuz I can say I'm the same size as she was...I'll just leave out the part that says, "at her biggest." Hee Hee.

  3. Im praying for you and your family. I took care of both my mother(brain cancer) and her second husband(to many problems to list) I know how hard it can be...i will keep u all in my prayers.

    As far as marilyn monroe..who cares what size she was, it was all in the right places:)

    peace my friend

  4. You are a fountain of very interesting information. I am glad you shared. Jo, has your MIL checked into hospice care for your FIL? It is not limited to cancer patients and may be an option for her. He may qualify if his health is deteriorating. Medicare pays for the service. I worked in that field at one time and it can be very beneficial, not only for support but for financial cost as well.

  5. I actually knew that Tink's body was modeled after Marilyn Monroe! :)

  6. Being as much in love with Disney as I am, I knew you would for sure know that. ;)