Friday, August 14, 2009

What now?

So, if you've been keeping up from the beginning (and if you have, please leave a comment--my blog is feeling a little lonely) this much you know already, and if you haven't, I'll re-cap before I begin my 'soliloquy':

Lost our house last year. Had a second on it. The financial company sued us. We lost. We owe $30,000 which is now being garnished from my husbands wages.

We're in the process of filing bankruptcy--or so we thought. After nearly a month of trying to reach our attorney to no avail, we are now left on our own, even worse than when we began.

He abandoned us.

My husband left him one final message yesterday. This is the--eh hem--cleaned up, condensed version: "You are an unethical and despicable human being. What a HORRIBLE way to do business and treat somebody who trusted you. I will be reporting you to the California State Bar".

This man, this bottom feeder flew right under my radar.

The only way we were making ends meet with the garnishment is because of the overtime my husband was working. Then our attorney told him to stop. For four pay periods. Stop. Otherwise he said we wouldn't be eligible for filing bankruptcy under the grounds that my husband made "too much money."

::Excuse me. Coffee just flew out of my nose::

So, we were devastated and couldn't quite figure out the logistics of how this could possibly work.

Well, it worked only because of the following reasons:

~Had to borrow one months rent

~Had to cancel auto insurance

~Hardly bought groceries.

~Didn't go out to eat or take drives.

~No extra purchases.

~Switched from my beloved my store brand 'Breakfast Blend' coffee to generic brand--white can, blue letters.
*Be thankful when you go to 'Starbucks'. One doesn't realize how much of a luxury it really is.

~Did without things like foil, fabric softener and hardly purchased any meat, fruit, milk. We ate a lot of sandwiches, pasta and rice.

~A friend bought over fresh veggies from her family's garden which we appreciated and stretched to go with the pasta and rice.

So, with the help of a few good people along with some careful planning and shopping, we made it through these past two months.

So, we've been TRYING to contact our attorney to say; "Okay, we did it. Here's the pay-stubs--what now?"


For weeks--nothing.

He told us that my husbands work would be faxed a cease and desist on the garnishment. So, that's what all the "what now?" inquiries were about. Because now, the garnishment is still going.

We're so monumentally screwed it's not even funny.

We've left messages at the office and his cell. I've sent E-mail's asking what the next move is.

So, if you're thinking; "Well, maybe something awful happened to him"...somebody in his office would have returned our calls. He has people that work for him and we always left specific messages with our numbers.

There is simply no excuse.

Maybe he took on more than he could chew.

Maybe he felt our case was hopeless.

Whatever the reason--all he had to do was call. He NEVER once said that he couldn't or wouldn't be by our side. He never verbally or in written word removed himself from our case.

So, all this time these past two months, my husband could have been working overtime so we could be in a little bit of a better place than where we are now.

Maybe we could have contributed to our sons trip and for his first year in junior college (which he's getting ready to start).

Maybe we could've helped contribute to our "other son" (my sons best friend/"brother") flying home from where he's going to school out of state to attend his grandpa's funeral today. He made it here late last night but with no help from us, sadly.

Maybe we could have a little money in the bank for a rainy day so perhaps once in a while we could eat out or go for a drive.

Maybe we could've eaten just a little bit better here at home.

Maybe we would still have auto insurance.

Maybe we could've paid my husbands traffic ticket.

So, now we're simply left bewildered and in a state of 'now what the f*** do we do?'

So, what now? Where do we possibly go from here?

Wow. Way to kick someone while they're down.

Do you want to know the worst thing about all of this? The worst thing that attorney did?

He gave me hope.


  1. Dear Jo ~ I am always so moved by your writing. I feel so many different emotions...anger, dismay, disbelief. But, most of all I feel LOVE. Your Love for your family and for others. And, I feel Love for you! I want to give you a Hug and tell you that things have to get better, but I can't do either. I would Hug you if you lived closer to me! And, I'm pretty sure you don't need or want anyone to tell you that "things are gonna get better".

    However, I DO believe that! You are SO precious! I am so drawn to your Spirit. And, your Wisdom. You've been thru way too many tough times in your life and I can relate! All of those things make you wiser.

    I want to know if you have a home phone so I can call you. I want to help somehow. Some way. Please, send me an email at and if you are okay with giving me your number, I will call you.

    Hang in there, Sweet Friend and know that there is sombody out in Blogland that Loves and Cares about you! VERY MUCH!

    I'll be waiting to hear from you via email! PEACE! Jo

  2. I just wanted to let you know that people are reading your blog, and are rooting for you, and really, truly hope that lawyer burns in hell - you absolutely must report that scumbag to the Bar Society - hang in there, things can only get better.

  3. Wow. I came to here after you posted on my blog. I will be back to catch up on your story. I am dumbfounded by this post alone.

  4. First time I have been to your blog and I just wanted to let you know how sorry I feel for your situation. This economy is causing everybody issues, and this post embodies the emotions alot of us feel. I hope that things turn around for you very, very soon!

  5. Wow. Just wow. I came to you because you invited my blog out for! I have just spent the last hour reading your entire archive of blog posts.

    Never did I expect to be thrown back in time to relive the horrors of many years ago when I was in your shoes. Well, almost. 29 yrs. old with 3 children all under the age of 7 and my husband lost his job. I lived for the following 3 years with no phone, no car insurance, no cable and no perks of any form of life outside of going to my job. I didn't own a home, so that was the main difference between our situations...but many times I had to borrow just a bit to pay my rent. My electricty was shut off more times than I can even remember and by the Grace of God always got it turned back on my annonymous funds through my church. I was fortunate to live in a small town so if I didn't have gas for my POS car (which was more often than I care to recall) I walked. So I feel your pain. In my gut. In my heart. And so I embrace you across the web with sincerity and compassion.

    And I want to kick your lawyers ass. (I'm very good at multi-tasking...throwing out love and compassion for you while taking that ass DOWN. lol!!)

    Do NOT let that man suck the hope out of you. If you do he wins on more levels than the one he thinks he is currently winning. Have the last word. Keep on keepin' on to get through this horrific period in your life. When you come out on the other side you will be that much stronger of a person for not letting him kick you in to hopelessness.

  6. Stumbled your blog by accident. I don't really understand how thing works in the US but one thing for sure is that, that lawyer from hell can go back & rot there!

    Be patient, stay positive. Hugs :-)