Sunday, August 23, 2009


A few weeks ago I received two tickets to 'The Disneyland Resort' from the 'MS Society' (in appreciation for my fund raising for two walk seasons).

Since all southern California residents get into 'The Disneyland Resort' free this year on their birthdays, we are going to take my Mom for her birthday in October.

I just called her and she is very excited as she has never been to the 'California Adventure' park there. However, it's also been about 20 or 25 years since she's even been to 'Disneyland' so we we're torn on which park to go to--they have so many new attractions since she's been there last (going to both is, unfortunately, out of the question). 'Disneyland' is quite fun and festive in the Autumn, however, we're leaning more towards 'California Adventure'.

My niece and her family will also be joining us (they have season passes to both parks), so, we have something really nice to look forward to.

'California Adventure' is a salute to California and it's amenities. They have rides called 'Soaring Over California' (a faux hang gliding experience over California, complete with the light spray of the ocean and the slight scent of the orange groves--fantastic!), 'Hollywood Tower Of Terror' (an elevator shaft ride experience in a 1940's Hollywood golden age era 'dilapidated' hotel) and a kick ass (technical term) roller coaster called 'California Screamin''!

'California Adventure' play great old beats on their overhead throughout the park from the likes of 'The Beach Boys' and 'The Mama's & The Papa's'.

We have to save up for gas, parking and *food for that day (*about $10.00 per person per meal, and that's if you eat CHEAP!) so I will start saving change in a can and a dollar here and there to help fray those costs so we're not stressed about anything that day other than the crowds and long lines--ha-ha-ha--oh, and my mother! :D

"You're a pain in my ass, you have really bad hair but I like you a lot."

Robert Downey Jr.'s character to Anne Bancroft's character--who played his mother--in 'Home For The Holidays'. :D

'The Happiest Place On Earth', here we come!


  1. Good for you. Hope that things start looking up quickly.

  2. That should bring some great fun to your lives! I like how you described some of those rides, I love the virtual ones, I'm not much for the upside down spinny rides at all, hello nausea, lol! I remember going to an amusement park ions ago, where they had a similated jeep drive through Jurassic was SO COOL. Save every penny! :-)

  3. I wanted to stop and say thank you for being a crusader for MS. As a victim of MS I appreciate all that you are doing.

  4. YaY - do me a huge favor and give Tigger a big hug for me! I used to work at Walt Disney World in Florida. I am sure he will remember me. =o)

    I hope you all have a blast!

  5. What a nice thing to do Jo. Have a great time whatever you decide to do! Love your "Home for the Holidays" quote. It is one of our favorite holiday films. Keep your chin up and your spirit focused on what renews you.

  6. Hi Jo! Don't go to California Adventure. The park is currently going through a major rehaul. I would suggest you go to Disneyland instead. You can actually see the current state of how things are going at California Adventure by going over to the site I'm a writer for Cheers!