Monday, August 31, 2009


I--eh hem--'borrowed' this from the lovely Lori's blog (The Peterson Family).

I 'thunk' it kind of a groovy thing to do on a Monday. The idea is to write five quirks about yourself.

Gee, do I have any???? Nah--not me!

Please send me a reply if you decide to also post five things about yourself so I, and others, can check out your answers on your blog--and make sure to check out Lori's; I still can't figure out how to link on here--hope you can find her blog; very worthy and worth the time.

Here goes--I just deleted her answers and put mine. I don't know if my answers can be considered 'quirks' per se, but here are some 'fun/interesting facts' about me nonetheless:

Five quirks:

1. When I was thirteen I was shot in the leg by a 22 rifle by my then brother in-law.

I'll give you a moment to process that before I continue.

Ready now?

My sister and her then husband had me over for the weekend. They decided to go--GULP!--quail hunting in Perris, CA.! I think my later foray into veganism must've been Karmic retribution for my participating in that days event. 'Participating' in the sense that I simply went along--although, I in no way held a gun more less shot at anything.
So, he and his friend are up on an incline cleaning their rifles, my sister and I are just below. The dumb-ass must've thought he was out of ammo as all of a sudden I heard a loud noise and felt something hit my leg.
I seemed to be in a trance-like state of denial as I simply thought they were throwing rocks at us. I indeed felt something hit my leg--a 'ping' but didn't think anything of it until my sister looked down and saw two blood spurts shooting out from my right calf and then proclaimed in a loud and panicked voice; "You F***er! You shot her!"

Only THEN did I feel the pain and drop to the ground.

Damn her for ever saying anything!

I was carried to the car (no easy feat as we were in the middle of nowhere) and taken to the nearest hospital.

The bullet went in and exited clean. No long term damage.

They WERE going to use hollow point bullets--in which case, I wouldn't likely be here sharing this. Also very lucky it only got my leg.


One life down, eight to go.

I am a cat, aren't I????

2. I have raised nearly $10,000 in two Walk seasons for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

3. For a self-proclaimed music lover, I have only been to five concerts--in order they are; Peter Frampton (1980 or 1981--Denver, Co.), 'The Monsters Of Rock' which consisted of Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar--yes!), Metallica, Scorpions and Dokken (1988 'L.A. Coliseum'), Elton John (1992--nose bleed section L.A. 'Dodgers Stadium'), Van Halen (again with Sammy!--2004 at what was then 'Arrowhead Pond', Anaheim, Ca.) and the 'creme de la creme'; Ms. Stevie Nicks (2007 The Greek theater, Hollywood, CA.). Amazing and talented lady. I had wanted to see her for nearly 30 years at that point. A dream come true for me--thank you, Ed!

4. My first rock and roll album was 'Fleetwood Mac's' "Rumours" given to me on my 12th birthday in 1978 by my older brother and I consider 'Landslide' to be MY theme song. That album was like my doctrination into rock and roll. Out went the teeny-bopper came adolescence.

5. My Dad was a man who could--and did--live without his kids. Regardless, I nonetheless grieved for what never really was when he passed away in 2006 and through my grief I could still be grateful that he died on June 7th, 2006 and not June 6th, 2006. Why? Because not only were his initials R.I.P. but then his date of death would have been 6-6-6.
Now, that's just bad form.


  1. I wanted to be Stevie Nicks (minus the drug addiction, thank you.) I adore her. She is an amazing performer and songwriter! And Rumours was and IS still fab! And holy crap, you got shot! Now that's a story you don't hear every day!

  2. Very good post - I saw Elton John at the Pond - would have loved to see Stevie Nicks.. My dad died last summer - I miss what could have been too..

  3. 1. Im obsessed with cake

    2. I buy at least 10 prs of shoes a yr

    3. My dad...well if youve read my blog, then u already know

    4. I have a really wierd ability to build things

    5. I go to bed with little debbie every night (snack cakes people...geesh, gutter brains)

  4. Oh man, five things about me? Quick Ashley, think!

    1. I can't go for more than two days without reading something.

    2. I play video games as a way to relax from school.

    3. I'm not really good at saying no to people.

    4. I could eat sushi everyday.

    5. I like putting things together (like, to ensemble things).

    Ashley Kay