Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So, Ed (my husband) is in Ohio this week on a business trip. We spoke last night by phone in which we asked one another if our attorney had gotten in touch with either of us--both of our answers were, of course, 'no'.

To briefly re-cap, our attorney finally left me an E-mail Friday in which he made excuses as to why it took him nearly a month to get in touch with us after we made one plea after another for him to please contact us and simply let us know what our next move is.

Our E-mail's and calls have gone ignored leaving us in a perpetual mode of--not to be a drama queen--panic and desperation.

You can read our updated blog a few below this one in which I copied and pasted his E-mail from a few days ago--first time we've heard from him in MONTHS.

He said he would "review our file over the weekend".

The weekend came and went.

I told Ed that perhaps we should give him a "few days"...but he feels (and I know he's right) that it's in our best interest--especially knowing how this guy now works--to not drop the ball on our end and to stay on top of it.

I'm exhausted.

Moving sideways will do that to a person. Being in limbo simply wears one out.

Also exhausting is compartmentalizing my feelings so as not to let this affect other aspects of my life; I still have a home to run and a son, daughter, Mom, in-laws, "other kids" and a husband to love...

So, here is the E-mail I wrote to our attorney this morning:

"Hope this finds your week off to a good start.

As you know, Ed is in Ohio until Friday on a business trip but asked that I stay on top of this as we are struggling with the garnishment and are hoping to finally put that to rest before another pay period is afflicted.

But, I'll be honest--I really don't want to have to constantly write or call you. I would like to simply trust that you'll be in touch today. This whole process has been soul seizing and pride swallowing as it is.

Our struggles with the garnishment for all this time (which we thought would end sooner) has had one devastating effect on our family after another.

So, I'm doing what my husband asked me to which was to get in contact with you today (after your E-mail said that you would look everything over during the weekend) and deep down I know he's right; if we don't get pro-active and indeed stay on top of this whole thing--we could end up in an even worse position.

Complacency is nearly as unattractive as not being able to put food on the table.

Please understand our position and why I am once again writing to you asking what the next move is.

Thanks. Hope you had a nice weekend and a good day ahead of you."

After that I left him our contact numbers and so we're once again in a wait and see pattern with this guy.

Trying not to lose hope and faith....

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