Monday, August 17, 2009

Return Of The Prodigal Attorney--sort-of

Received this E-mail Friday night--after nearly four weeks of trying to reach our attorney, this is what we finally receive (copied and pasted):

"I received the fax of Mr. -----'s pay-stubs, as well as, the numerous phone and voice-mail messages and e-mails. I have been in trial and as such not in my office and unavailable to return calls or messages.

I will review the file this weekend."

In nearly a month he couldn't E-mail or place a call? He didn't have 5 minutes?

I "liked" his "NUMEROUS" comment--accompanied by ZERO apologies.

What this man has put us through....

The bottom line is as of now, hubby's wages are still being garnished as the cease and desist has yet to be ordered because the attorney dropped the ball and left us hanging.

So, we have $70.00 for ten days. Luckily (financial wise, I mean), hubby left this morning for a week long business trip to Ohio--on his company's dime--so we don't have to worry about gas and how he will get back and forth to work, for a week anyway.

So, if this isn't resolved within' the next two weeks, we're back to square one again and hopefully hubby can get back to overtime. From there? Who knows?

To those of you who have responded--I am simply touched and overwhelmed by your kindness.

On another note, we recently reconnected with my husbands Mother from whom we have had an over decade long estrangement (about 15 years to be exact).

She came for dinner last night to "meet" our son--whom she hasn't seen since he was 4; he is now 19.

Thought I would cry when she embraced him--a lovely picture that is now embedded in my memory....

It went quite well--it is so nice to have one thing resolved in our lives. To be able to put aside years of anger, resentment and estrangement for the common good of all of our betterment.

I see quite a change in her--and I suppose we've changed and grown, too.

As for this financial karmic happenstance that has befallen us--it simply remains to be seen how it will be played out.

However, let me say this; a year ago if someone would have told me that we would be re-connecting with my husbands mother--I simply wouldn't have believed it could, or would, happen.

So, albeit however brief it may stay, hope is once again--although with trepidation--restored.

Let's hope hope stays for a while....

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