Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi, all--happy Monday! I know that's an oxymoron for those of you who hated to see your weekend end and a new week begin. Whatever it is that you do--do it well and hang in there. Friday will be here before you know it.

I just made an appointment with a new attorney for Thursday evening.

How do I feel?

TRYING not to be too hopeful and get ahead of myself. With that said, I like this man--I like his no nonsense approach, I like his knowledge, I like his thirty year bankruptcy law experience and I like and appreciate the time he has taken with me; I have spent more time with him on the phone (Wednesday evening and this morning) than I have had in conversation all these months with our other attorney--soon to be previous, I hope.

However, what do I like most about him, you may ask? And if you didn't ask--eh, screw it. You're getting the answer anyway: I REALLY like the fact that he called our other attorney a 'son of a bitch' for not doing his job in a timely and efficient manner and for wanting to charge us nearly $1,000 more than what this man is going to charge us (which we had to, of course, borrow).

Do I dare??? Really. Do I dare hope???

In other news: B started Community College today--he hopes to later transfer to a four year University. I was looking at my six foot two young man last night--no longer a boy. He and his girlfriend ('gf') took care of everything on their own; registration, books, parking pass, class schedule, etc. They even helped their friends with all of their scheduling and registration needs. Not to mention he is driving them all back and forth daily--they are sharing gas expenses.

I am blown away. What happened to that little boy who used to hold my hand and wrap his chubby arms around my neck? The one who cried for Mommy when he fell?

I miss that. It happened fast. Too fast.

So, my dear friends--that concludes today's update.

Your support has been undeniably good for my heart and soul and I thank you.

Trying not to melt (105 degrees today) and wishing you all, as always, peace, love and happiness.


  1. HI Jo,
    I'm so glad you feel great. I'm always in a mood when i pssing by your blog. That is why your blog is so sweet.Wish everything going well.
    Have a happy time.
    Hope you get a chance to check out my last post written in the memory of my best friend. Thank you.

  2. I'd pray that your present attorney do you good. And what you said about your son is so right. Years pass by in no time, it seems!

  3. Jo...could things be on an upswing for you??I pray so.

    Your son sounds awesome, must have been the parenting you did..great JOB!

  4. I am hoping for positive news from your appointment on Thursday. You deserve to get some helpful answers and good representation.

    Love hearing about your son. I have a grandson "B" that has grown to 6'2". I too wonder where the little boy went. Kids are awesome.