Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hope FALLS Eternal

Hi, all. Been a few days since I posted--busy weekend; laundry, heat stroke prevention, etc.

Quick update on bankruptcy...:

Spoke to another attorney Wednesday evening by phone. He said to do 'this, that and the other thing' (mostly entails adding up Ed's paychecks) and we are going to be making an appointment with him this week. He seems to think this can be handled in a more timely and efficient manner than what our current attorney has done--mostly he doesn't see what the hold up has been all this time and feels that we should indeed qualify from what I told him of our finances.

Considering we only have about $50.00 for two weeks of groceries--this will be a welcome 'event' should it all go through as he thinks it SHOULD.

Trying not to hope too much....I simply don't dare.

B has been mostly been eating at his girlfriends house but since he is starting [junior] college tomorrow, I wanted to make him dinner tonight. I don't care if we have to eat Top Ramen and bread for the next two weeks, I miss cooking for my son and having him at my table so tonight I am buying some meat for my son.

I wish I could make for him a great chicken dish, a casserole or bar-b-que hamburgers--something nice. Instead I have to go very cheap so it will likely only be along the lines of 'Sloppy Joe's' and chips.

Last night we (me, Ed, B, B's girlfriend and two of B's best friends) went to Christin's house (see her wedding picture on sidebar) where she bar-b-qued for us and we relaxed in her air conditioned home. Then we went in the jacuzzi later--well, MOST of us; Ed slept as did B's girlfriend--ha!

Nice getting out of our HOT house--and into an air conditioned one--for a few hours and being treated to such a nice dinner. Today was 105--same tomorrow.

Anyway, That is that.

Again, trying not to hope--hope, as I have learned, falters, sways and falls, so for now, I am simply praying things don't get worse. Well, that and that a money tree grows in our yard overnight--or I find a $20.00 bill lying on the ground somewhere. Either one.

Hope this finds you all having a beautiful weekend!


EDIT: Just came back from the market to buy stuff for 'Sloppy Joe's' for B, Ed and B's girlfriend. Ground beef was $2.28 a pound--yikes! I needed two pounds so instead I went for the ground pork @ ninety-eight cents a pound. Two cans of 'Sloppy Joe' mix was also ninety-eight cents per can. Eight pack of generic hamburger buns was eighty-eight cents. I bought one can of 'Pringles' on sale for $1.44 for a grand total of $6.24.
B also needed some gas money for this week; time to take in some cans and bottles...and for him to get a job (he has been looking but...slim pickins'!). So, make that now about $40.00 or less for groceries...


  1. I love, love , love sloppy joes. Hey, if you find that money tree please let me know, God knows I could use one. And the hope thing...well try and keep a little:)
    Praying things turen around for you friend:)

  2. Thank you--I appreciate that. And trust me, were I to find a money tree---everyone I care about would indeed be able to pluck from that tree in the hopes that something good can grow from it for them.

  3. Glad that things might be lookin' up soon! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  4. Wish money could grow on trees and love could bloom in everyday shrubs. But hope is a wonderful thing. It keeps you going. Your hope is yours and no one can take it away from you.

  5. So, Miss Jo, what are you eating if the others are eating Pork, hmmm? I hope you're not skipping meals!

  6. Hmmm...what am I eating? Not much variety. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich here and there or tomato and lettuce sandwiches on toasted bread, popsicles (a splurge--but with 105 plus temps--we need them!) and mostly rice or pasta with zuccini.

    Can't afford my vegan goods right now so we're ALL making do--sacrifices galore.

    Trying to think of things I can feed Ed and B on $30.00 or $40.00 for the next almost two weeks; boxed mac and cheese with chicken franks, egg sandwiches, corn pancakes, potato and zucchini cakes (a friend gave us home grown zucchini), grilled cheese and tomato soup...gotta keep it CHEAP. Plus I need some household staples like oil, another roll of paper towels, T.P., more bread...gonna be really, REALLY tough.

    TRYING to be honestly thankful for what we do have.

    I figure IF we can get through this and the bankruptcy actually goes through (will believe it when I see it), then it will take A LOT to get me down after this.

    Might have to even change the name of my blog...or find something else to be sad about.

    I choose the former.

  7. Oh Jo! The heat has been heinous for us, hasn't it? I will keep you in my prayers my blog friend. I'm glad you sought the help of another, more productive attorney. Cheers! :)

  8. Horrible! How are you holding up, dear? Do you have A/C???? Please say yes--I hate to think of you being miserable!!!

    Almost makes you thankful to go into an air-conditioned office tomorrow, eh?

    Looking forward to catching up on your blog tomorrow--I 'have' to go watch 'Big Brother' which I'm beginning to think that NONE of them at this point deserve to win.

    Peace and love my I.E. friend!

  9. P.S. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes my blog friends--so deeply appreciated.

    You all humble me....

  10. you are in my prayers from today ! things will be better very soon! read my post if you get time.. on "attitude is everything"
    love ye, naqvee.. from