Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hang In There, Baby

So happy to have B home after his summer long trip. With him also came the camaraderie we've missed since his absence. His friends--our "other kids"--were all here for a rousing night of fun as a "Welcome home" gesture.

As I posted previously, we all pitched in for the big "duck and goose soiree" (a.k.a. tacos, chips, salsa, rice, beans, drinks and silly "Dollar Tree" decorations) and I was pleased with the $40.00 I only spent to feed about 15 people. Not bad. I figure it's the least I could do; we didn't have to pay anything for B's summer trip--he did that all himself with grad money--nor have I had to feed him all summer (although, I wouldn't have minded one bit!). that that's all said and done--now what?

We have an attorney who is not communicating with us as I have E-mailed over and over asking what our next step is after the six or seven pay periods we've had to endure with NO overtime and with the garnishment still in place.

This has been killing us.

So, this coming week will be the last paycheck in which he told us nearly two months ago would do the trick in order for us to qualify for bankruptcy. During this time, I have been unable to look for any kind of work as not only would my wages get garnished too, but also we would be "making too much" to qualify for bankruptcy.

So, we need to know what is going on--what's our next step? Can Ed start working overtime again so we can feed ourselves and our son? As cost efficent as the tacos and such were--it nonetheless put us in jeopardy of not being able to put food on the table for four more days until payday. Ed still needs gas to go back and forth to work and money for groceries--plus a bare pantry--leaves not much, if anything, left for food.

The kindness of others during this time has made this more bearable. much longer can we go on like this? We have an attorney not answering phone calls or E-mail's--therefore not answering our questions.

I feel like pulling an Erin Brockovich and driving to his office (located in another county) and convincing someone there to hire me as obviously they don't know how to return messages. Obviously this man needs some help. In the meantime, Ed and I are in a pretty desperate situation, maybe having to now cut off Internet and such, although, we're trying desperately to not let it get to that point as that is all we have. T.V. and Internet.

Can't afford movies, drives, restaurants. So, I'm still allowed my outlet for now.


We don't know what else to do to get our attorney's attention on this matter. We're in limbo.

I don't know how else to get him to appeal to the humanity of our situation. That we're simply barely able to buy groceries more less afford little things like foil....and car insurance.

Trying to hang in there and tickled beyond words to have B home...but I'm losing my grip.

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