Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fourteen And Change

So, after looking at our depleting bank account yesterday--I had some tricky goings-on in my head. How could my pea-sized intellect possibly figure out what seemed to be a conundrum?

Payday is Thursday (now tomorrow) and hubby has to commute--two counties away--to work for two more days until we see the much welcome need of the next paycheck. On top of which, we are in desperate need of a few groceries (and that ever necessary staple--toilet paper!) to get us by just a few more days.

I asked hubby last night--with a grimaced look of angst--how much he was going to need for gas.

::Imagine my leg jiggling in anxiety, lip biting, eyes wide open expecting the worse::

Bless his heart when he said $10.00 will get him by as he already had some left in the tank of his car. Gas that is, not money. Although, may as well be the same thing @ $3.00 a gallon--E-gads!

I felt like 'George Bailey' in "It's A Wonderful Life" during the bank run scene when he asked one of the towns' citizens how much she can get by with--and instead of being greedy (like the ass before her; "I have $374.00 dollars in the bank and that's what I want!") she spoke softly and replied; "Oh, I could get by with $17.50 alright". George Bailey in his delight with her sacrifice, practically hopped over the counter to kiss her on the cheek in sincere appreciation. The look on her face was priceless truly having no idea how much her answer would please him.

I guess I should have kissed hubby. Missed opportunity there. Damned hindsight! Damn it all to hell!

So, in my head I calculated what we need in ratio to what we already had--which ain't much, I gotta tell ya! I know, I know--ain't ain't a word. "Ain't ain't in the dictionary!"

I digress. I do that. A lot. Welcome to the inner workings of my brain. So A.D.D.

"Oh, look, a chicken..."

So, that left $15.00 to spend on groceries for two nights dinners for four, plus lunch stuff (bread, peanut butter) plus that toilet paper. You know what? Come to think of it--that toilet paper could damn itself to hell right along with hindsight!


So, upon going over the logistics--again, what I had and what I needed--I made my list. Prioritizing what was needed first and what I could eliminate if need be.

I had my list and my pen, so I could add as I went along.

I'll spare you the details of my shopping trip ("Damn. Tomatoes went up in price--guess I can only get two instead of four.", "Wow! Celery bunches for thirty two cents each--I can get two!", "Oh, c'mon, Food-4-Less! We can't do better on sliced cheese than that? Don't you know there's an economic crisis???") but let me just share the following with you:

~One jar peanut butter
~One small shaker of garlic salt (am absolute must in my house)
~One head of cabbage
~Two bunches celery
~Two tomatoes
~Two loaves of French bread
~One loaf of wheat bread
~One package of bacon
~One package of sliced cheese
~One package of instant macaroni and cheese (the kind with the velvety smooth cheese all ready to pour on--no need to add milk or margarine)
~and (YES!) one package--four rolls--toilet paper

All for a grand total of--drum roll, please--$14.72!

God, I'm good.

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