Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't mind me, I'm just here for the sales....

So, my son is coming home tomorrow after a 6 week long vacation back east with his girlfriend to visit her relatives. Long story short; he paid his own way and upon their return tomorrow his friends asked if we could have a welcome back get-together for them here at our house tomorrow night.

With money being so tight for us right now, everyone on their own (I didn't ask for anything other than their presence here) either pitched in or bought stuff for the occasion: party decorations, snack food, drinks, etc. Truly wonderful friends he has.

So, I decided to pitch in and make tacos; cheap, easy and everyone loves them.

I scanned through the sale ads that were delivered in my mail box this week and found ground beef on sale for ninety seven cents a pound. I also found on sale tomatoes, three pounds for $1.00 and onions eight pounds for $1.00--plus cilantro, serrano chiles--all on sale to make my homemade salsa which is not only better tasting but so much more cost efficient than buying it pre-made.

Plus I found canned beans on sale to boot! I know I should have made the beans myself in a big pot but decided to instead take advantage of the sale prices as well as thinking about time savers.

I had to go to a few different stores to get everything I needed but all the stores are relatively close and worth the trip.

Some of those markets are--how can I say this tactfully?--ethnic oriented. This is southern California after all, the melting pot. What's the point of having all this availbility at my fingertips if I'm not going to utilize it? I have no qualms about going where I need to in order to take advantage of great sale prices like everyone else.

What am I crazy? A grocery store snob? Heck no. As much as I love the nicer markets such as Ralph's, I simply cannot afford them right now, even with the Rewards/membership card.

So, I went, I saw, I conquered and came out victorious with my cart full of cheaply priced meat and produce.

I also came out with all eyes upon me. What am I, a leper? Not that there's anything wrong with that. :D

So, I double checked myself in my rearview mirror when I got into my car: did my eyes finally go cross like my mother said they would from sitting so close to the T.V. as a child? Did I grow another head? Do I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe? Spinach in my teeth?

Nope. I was good. Phew! I heaved a big sigh of relief.

Evidently the only thing wrong with my appearance was that I wasn't of the ethnic majority of other customers in the market.

I'm sorry. Pardon me. I thought 1962 was long over and that civil unrest was finally rested.

I gotta tell you, I'm a little sick of it. I don't say anything when everywhere I go people are not speaking English. It irritates me, but far be it for me to gripe out loud. That's what blogspot is for. :D Besides, my ancestry is not Native American so I figure why be hypocritical.

Now, do I think they should learn English as my ancestors who came from Russia and Germany had to do? Absolutely.

But I digress.

So, I ignore the; "Hey, lady--go shop at Nordstroms and get out of our store" looks and move onto the next store.

Disclaimer: I have never in my life shopped at Nordstroms--nor would I. I'd rather take the $50.00 it would take to buy one tube of lipstick at Nordstroms and go to Walmart and buy a nightgown, a pair of flip flops, two boxes of hair dye (er, I mean shampoo. Yeah. Shampoo is what I meant), a bag of dog food, a package of socks, laundry detergent and a tube of toothpaste.

So, I head to my last destination, get what I need and proceed to walk to the checkout aisles where there is an unattended cart filled half way with stuff in front of one of the check out lanes. It's not pushed up to the "movey thingy" (technical term) we load our goods on. It is about 4 feet away from it and there is no one by it or near it. I figured they forgot something, went to get it and didn't feel like pushing their cart back and forth to get said item, so it was left there. Either that or they realized they left their wallet in their car, house, other purse, shoe in the closet....whatever, and ran to go get it.

So I put up the divider thingy (again, very technical term--don't try this at home) between my stuff and the person ahead of me ('cause God forbid they do it) and I begin to unload my cart. Sure enough, as soon as I get two items on the conveyer belt (Hey! That's what it's called! Note to self: Scratch "movey thingy" off of your vocabulary list) the lady returns and says to me with her very best "How dare you?!" face on; "Excuse me! I was just right over there!".

::Visualize her pointing to previous destination::

So, I put up my hands in a "Pardon me for mistaking you for someone courteous and decent" truce mode and motioned for her to go right on ahead of me.

Did I mention that she had double the items I did? No? I didn't think so. Boy, I am really not thorough today. Must watch that.

She was--I imagine not knowing her personally and only having this brief encounter upon which to assume such things--the same person you would hold a door open for and to then bow to after your courteous act went unacknowledged.

By the way since you were likely wondering (and you know you were), she was the same ethnicity as I am.

I was getting it from all sides today.

Honestly. And I mean HONESTLY, were I her I would have said; "Oh, please go ahead of me. I neglected to pick something up and walked away from my cart--besides, you don't have that many items."

Where did courtesy go? Is it a thing of the past?

'Cause I sure as hell can't find it.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I need to put up several signs and notices around my neighborhood:

"Lost! Societal courtesy missing. Riverside family misses the good deeds and decency of others. Wants their courtesy back where it belongs. Reward of a warm smile and 'Have a good day' upon it's return."

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